Biking tours in Montenegro and Croatia

In the past few years, we have noticed a significant change in the type of experiences that guests onboard of yachts are looking for. While previously, cruising was all about leisure, good food and some watersports, recently we’ve seen significant growth of requests for outdoor activities. It seems that focus on health and mental wellbeing […]

Diving in Croatia

Croatian coast is so fascinating it’s always tricky for us to say if we prefer seeing it from the sky, island hopping or cruising along the coast. And yet, there is another dimension of experiencing it – by diving. Listed below are some of the best places for diving in Croatia listed in chronological order […]

Diving in Montenegro

Montenegro is known for its spectacular natural wonders south to north, but what is also exciting to discover is the underwater life of the sea. A Plus Yachting is bringing you several recommendations for the places to look up during your next visit. Diving near Bar Mikovica Cave (Bigovica Bay) Depth: 7m Mikovica cave is […]

Explore Adriatic’s Most Amazing Caves by Kayak or Paddleboard

Getting out on the water is a bit of adventure itself, but if you add a certain exploratory goal to it, the experience becomes so much better. In our story today, we are giving you some ideas on how you can make the most of your time in the Adriatic. 13 caves at Lustica Peninsula […]

August in Montenegro – This Is What You Should Not Miss

As we are entering the peak of the summer season, we wanted to remind you of some cool things happening across the Montenegrin coast this upcoming month. Whether you are looking for fun parties (day or night), cultural events or gastro experiences, you will not be disappointed. A Plus Yachting has selected some of our […]

Provisioning in Montenegro – What You Need to Know

We all know it, providing the highest quality of products for your guests onboard is maybe the essential ingredient of the successful voyage. For the yacht that is continuously on the move, a list of reliable provisioning contacts is crucial. Most of the boats have their schedule organised well in advance as well as their […]

Boka Bay Yachting Itinerary

What’s the secret behind the great yachting itinerary?  It is not a particular tour, nor a particular place to see, neither it is a particular restaurant that guests have read about. It is the experience that they are looking forward to …. and all the details in between! But most importantly:  it is the quality […]

Dubrovnik Outdoor Tours

If you ever looked up some travel guide, you must have heard of Dubrovnik. It’s charming, it’s picturesque, it’s star-studded, and it’s usually a place where many people want to spend part of their charter. What I’ve seen with many yachts is that they typically bring their guests to the Old Town, organise a tour […]

Unique Croatian Wineries You Shouldn’t Miss

Croatia, a country of islands, beautiful landscapes, crystal clear water and fascinating natural wonders. Good geographic position and Mediterranean climate were a perfect foundation for Croatia to get its signature products during history. In this centuries-long tradition, many families carved out the skill and knowledge to make excellent, memorable wines. And it is more than […]

Peljesac – Croatian Most Underestimated Cruising Ground in Charter Itineraries

Have you heard of Croatian ‘Chinese wall’? Did you know about the place where you can enjoy the well-known Croatian hospitality and high-quality homemade food away from the tourist crowds? This is our story about Peljesac, one of the most underestimated cruising areas of the Croatian coast, a place that boasts the finest fish in […]