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Our Ports

Here, at A+ Yachting, we have created simple, user-friendly guides for each port in the Adriatic.

Designed to give you unparalleled access to our area of coverage, our guides offer our expert knowledge of the excursions that will encourage your guests to make the most out of their superyacht adventure.

Itinerary Planning

Our trusted network of local maritime and travel agents has curated a bespoke guide tailored specifically to our clientele and their expectations.

From pre-arrival planning to the very end of your guest’s trip, we partner with you to build exciting itineraries around the preferences of your guests whilst bringing their visions to life.


Our team can organize your trip in its entirety- from a private adventure, to an intimate dinner.

We create fully personalised trips from start to finish, delivering unmatched services whilst your guests are ashore.

Our customised tours are driven by our passion for service and our restless curiosity surrounding everything Croatia and Montenegro have to offer. With each experience, we strive to set the bar even higher than the last.

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