Superyacht Logistics

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Montenegro is not a member of the European Union. This fact, along with a lack of adequate information online, means many Captains are left with high customs and administration fees for goods they have ordered.

Our team provides full guidance and cost-effective solutions for all of your logistical needs, whilst regarding the quantity, value, origin, and purpose of your order. We also offer full insights into the expected costs

Freight Forwarding

Our in-house logistics team are trained to handle the entire forwarding process.

Custom Rules and Regulations

Assistance with import and export processes

Bonded storages

Goods in transit

Other Advantages For Yacht Owners In The Adriatic

Easy set-up of a company

Low income tax

Tax-free imports of spare parts and supplies

Tax and duty-free fuel

7% VAT on marine-related services

Foreign-flagged vessels can charter or remain in Montenegrin waters with no time restrictions.

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