Unique Croatian Wineries You Shouldn’t Miss

Bibich winery

Croatia, a country of islands, beautiful landscapes, crystal clear water and fascinating natural wonders. Good geographic position and Mediterranean climate were a perfect foundation for Croatia to get its signature products during history.

In this centuries-long tradition, many families carved out the skill and knowledge to make excellent, memorable wines. And it is more than just a quality of the wine – it’s the attention and care with which it was made, it’s the accompanying lifestyle and hospitality, it’s the respect they cultivate for their country.

Once you start researching the best places to taste the local wine in Croatia, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed with the choice. Don’t worry, our team of concierge experts and wine lovers put a lot of work (and glasses :)) in their research for the best spots to recommend to our clients.
Your only job is to relax, read through and take notes. And don’t forget to send us your impressions of the wineries we recommended here.

Bibich Winery

bibich winery wine tasting

Sibenik city and Bibich winery is the first one on our list. Just seeing a photo of this place makes you want to be there instantly. This secret place is like a little paradise for wine lovers. You can taste more than 13 different types of wine paired with delicious food. They have a few different menus, specially tailored for different kinds of wines, offering an unforgettable experience.
Excellent service, opportunity to oversee the process of making their products, homey atmosphere and beautiful nature around make this place a perfect spot for lasting memories.

bibich winery

Saint Hills Winery

Saint hills winery croatia

Imagine yourself sitting in the sunset looking at the shadows of the hills mirroring in the sea with a good glass of Peljesac wine, tasting Croatian mezze and enjoying a good company. If you are near Peljesac peninsula, Saint Hills winery is definitely the place to be, since they are known for offering some of the most exquisite wines in Croatia.

Saint hills winery croatia

Meneghetti Wine Hotel

If you go a bit north up the coast, you will enjoy splendid Istrian sceneries (also known as Croatian Tuscany) and their lovely vineyards.

meneghetti winery

Meneghetti wine hotel and winery is a place you must look for while there.
Dating back to the early 19th century, this hidden rural estate was one of the most beautiful mansions in the Mediterranean. For almost 100 years this place was a well-known refuge for Austrian-Hungarian army officers. Some 20 years ago, the charming family found this abandoned place and turned it into a hotel and winery. Investing their love and patience for years, they created this high-class spot making sure they don’t ruin its natural habitat but rather use it to produce excellent wines.

Have you been exploring the Croatian coast and its wine spots yourself? Do let us know in comments what would be your suggestions for places to check out while there.

And if you have some specific requirements from your charter guests or owners, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can send you a personalised itinerary.


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