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A+ Yachting is a fully serviced superyacht destination management and support company.

We help charter brokers, managers and superyacht Captains to deliver outstanding guest experiences in Croatia and Montenegro.

Our Destinations

Over 1,000 Islands.
Pristine nature. Historic sites everywhere…

And we know every corner of it!

With over 1,000 islands, 13 UNESCO Heritage Sites and 13 national parks to explore, your itinerary will provide something for everyone to enjoy.

We deliver exceptional experiences!

Local insights make a difference!

One team, one mission!

Superyacht Agent


And always looking to set the bar even higher!

Our mission is to guide and support your crew in providing your guests with unparalleled onboard experiences.

We deliver unrivalled services every time!

Superyacht Supplies

Well connected.

Supplying you with everything you need to deliver an unparalleled experience!

Our carefully selected network of local and global suppliers fully supports our commitment to surpassing your expectations- going above and beyond to provide you with the finest solutions.

We deliver regardless of market challenges!

Relationships that promise success!

Work smarter, not harder!

Superyacht Logistics

Multiple suppliers.
Multiple destinations.
Custom rules and regulations…

We’ve got you covered!

With our wealth of knowledge on Custom laws, we’ll enlighten you to multiple tax benefits whilst ensuring that you are compliant with all national rules and regulations.

We deliver from all over the world!

Superyacht Charter Licenses, VAT and Fiscal Representation

Simplified procedures.
Clear instructions...

We promise a smooth process every time!

Our experienced VAT compliance team can assist you in setting up your charter business. We offer full guidance around the cost-effective handling of your charter within Croatia.

We deliver compliance and local legislation advice!

Get your facts straight!

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