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We are a team you can always rely on.

Every member of our team holds the belief that our only assets are our clients and our reputation. We enjoy our clients’ trust in our expertise, availability, and instant responses to any questions or requests your crew may have. We believe that these factors, along with the unmatched local insights that we provide, have proved our market value and raised the bar for the yachting services in the industry as a whole.

Our team combines a comprehensive network of travel and maritime agents strategically located along the Adriatic coast. The following people proudly deliver our operations:

Ajka Matijevic


“The fact that we operate in a less developed market is not an obstacle but challenges to be even better at what we do.”

For decades, Adriatic is perceived as a problematic and stressful cruising area for the crew. The lack of information, strict regulations, and bureaucracy, but mainly lack of understanding of yacht operations by local maritime agents, contributed to the area’s negative image.

As yachting vacations are destination vacations, A+ yachting was born on the idea that we need to change the industry’s perception of the area. Working closely with charter brokers, Captains, Managements, and the UHNW sector, we help our clients and industry professionals create unique experiences for their guests in our area of coverage.

But what we do is far more significant than meets the eye.

We’ve leveraged our history as a service provider to some of the world’s largest yachts to advocate for our client’s interests and changes that are necessary to become a yachting welcoming destination.

A+ Yachting has become a synonym for professionalism, high service standards, and reliability in the area in a short time.

We continue to improve our service where quality is the keystone of our success.

Dejan Radonjic

Operations Manager Montenegro

“Years of working in the yachting industry has taught us how to meet even the most demanding requests. We are aware that there is no margin for mistakes in what we do and we pride ourselves in working hard 24/7. There is never a job too small for us, or an inconvenient time for your call.”

Darko Rodic

Operations Manager Croatia

It is straightforward: we work for the crew! We are here because of them and thanks to them. It is our responsibility to make sure that they have peace of mind when delegating their job!

Vilma Petkovic


We deal with people who are not ordinary by any parameter.

Whether our clients are opting for unique adventures or extreme extravagance, it requires a skill, a knowledge of the clientele, and tiredness to provide them with an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Bosko Popovic

Provisioning and Supplies Manager

We have expert knowledge of all market disadvantages in our area of coverage. Therefore, with our international network of suppliers and specialized in-house logistics team, we turn all challenges into opportunities to impress. All of your onboard supplies can be delivered tax-free to Montenegro. We offer our assistance with all customs procedures and logistics from the moment of purchase to delivery.

Boris Bojic

Spare parts and Maintenance

Here in A+ Yachting, we are making sure to provide every client with top-quality products from all around the world in the shortest period possible. Over the years, we have established a strong connection with all major brands in Europe and developed a logistic strategy for shipment import in Croatia and Montenegro with an accent on saving our clients money on multiple delivery fee taxes.

Bosiljka Mihajlovic

Accounting and Finances

We are constantly looking at simplifying our invoicing program to better correspond with onboard cost control management systems at accounting and finances. Our advanced and user-friendly, itemized invoicing system is widely praised by Captains, Pursers, and Managements with one currency for all destinations.

Daniela Zifra


In our business line, we are dealing daily with sensitive information and high-value goods, so all paperwork must be appropriately arranged and in a timely fashion. Moreover, we are making sure that the client’s information is protected and that all our contractors are aware of the sensitivity of the data they are given access to.

Dusan Spasic


Every good Chef and Chief Steward knows that stock planning is key to ensuring a smooth journey between many islands. Therefore, meeting a Chef’s expectations across the Adriatic is perhaps the most challenging task of all. Contact us ahead of your arrival for advice on the best locations for deliveries and insights into the availability of products at local markets.

Antonio Klaic

Operations Manager, Dubrovnik

The diversity of the work that we do ensures that no day is like any other, and we are always focused on helping the crew in their daily requests, which can be challenging and stressful. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals within our team and a great connection with our clients, all revolving around helping the crew deliver an exceptional experience to their onboard guests.

Bozica Celanovic

Marketing Coordinator

We are very committed to the yacht crew in A+ Yachting. That is why we are constantly motivated to provide them with unique and exciting activities, always to feel welcomed wherever they come. In our company, customer care is not a department; it is a value that we dearly share.

Petra Puljizevic

VAT and Fiscal Compliance

Setting up a charter business in a foreign country can be daunting and stressful. We remove the complex admin requirements from Captains and Owners and take complete responsibility for setting a yacht up for charter, including obtaining the charter license, VAT number, and full fiscal representation and paying tax on your behalf.

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