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A New Must-Do in Montenegro: Kotor Cable Car

All our clients planning their trip to Montenegro ask for a Kotor visit as an unmissable point. Opting between incredible hike up the city walls, enjoying local food in charming konobas around the Old Town or exploring high-end resorts down the coast, there is something to match anyone’s taste.

And from this summer, we are happy to add a new adventure point: Kotor Cable Car experience.

The Kotor Cable Car offers an exhilarating 11-minute ride that transports visitors into a world of untouched nature, unique climate, and breathtaking karst formations of Lovćen.

The Kotor Cable Car promises an absolute treat to your senses. As you ascend the cable car, you are treated to a spectacular view that gradually unfolds before your eyes. The ascent is an experience in itself, providing an opportunity to gaze at the glitz and glamour of Porto Montenegro and Tivat, gradually expanding to the charming red-roofed buildings of Kotor’s Old Town eventually showing you an entirety of Luštica peninsula. In essence, you get to see why Boka Bay is one of the unique spots in the world. Truly, Kotor cable car is an adventure seeker’s dream come true, offering a unique perspective of this coastal wonderland.

kotor cable car

Once you reach the summit, you step into a world of pristine nature. The Lovćen mountain range, with its karst formations, surrounds you in all directions. The air is crisp, and the ambiance is serene. It’s a stark contrast to the bustling streets below, and it provides the perfect escape for those seeking tranquility and a connection with nature.

For food and wine connoisseurs, the mountaintop restaurant is a gastronomic delight. Try some of the exquisite local dishes while savoring panoramic views of the bay and the surrounding landscape. It’s an unforgettable culinary experience that combines Montenegrin flavors with this stunning backdrop.

It is worth to mention this is an all-family experience. Both children and adults can enjoy the thrill of the cable car ride, and once at the summit, there are hiking trails suitable for all skill levels. It’s an opportunity for families to bond in the natural beauty of Lovćen and create lasting memories.

Whether one seeks adventure, cultural enrichment, or simply wishes for nature’s embrace, this experience offers it all. If you would like to have this as one of the options for your guests, get in touch with us and let us plan you a proper experience.

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