A+ Provisioning headquarters are located in Tivat, and we proudly serve our clients along the Adriatic coast tailoring our services per needs and unique requirements of each superyacht. As your ultra-reliable onshore crew for delivering the best F&B, provisions and parts, we will ensure that every aspect of your onboard working life runs as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

Why A+ Provisioning?

  • Professional and English-speaking staff trained by the superyacht chef
  • Delivery notes and itemized invoices in English
  • Invoices separated as per client’s order
  • Itemized quotes available upon request
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Refrigerated vans
  • Direct and smooth communication with your supply agent
  • You will always be informed if some of the items are not available and offered potential substitute available locally
  • No delivery fees for bigger orders
  • No minimum orders
A+ Provisioning team entering the van

Our carefully selected network of local and global suppliers fully supports our commitment to surpassing your expectations – going above and beyond to provide you with the finest solutions.

A+ Provisioning vans ready for delivery

Your provisioning could be done in only 4 steps

  1. Send us the list of requested items and delivery date
  2. Get the prompt reply regarding available items within a few hours
  3. Confirm your order by signing up as a client
  4. Receive your order
A+ Provisioning delivery in progress

We strictly follow COVID-19 guidelines and regulations for employees and personnel as well as all health and safety protocols to ensure safe work environment.

You made a list and already know what you need? Perfect!

Contact us at em.gnithcay-a@gninoisivorp, send end us your wish list and we will provide a quote right away.

Please fill in the form below and do let us know how can we support you.

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