A+ Yachting expansion - Additional offices to open in Croatia

Having maintained steady growth over the past few years, A+ Yachting has realized the necessity to expand its reach.

Our aim to advocate for our client’s best interests with relevant institutions, share our vision and values, and implement our corporate procedures and standards among all contractors and subagents, hasn’t been disturbed by the Covid-19 crises, but quite the opposite.

As our clients widely praised our business model, we keep similar work procedures and communication standards by opening additional offices in Dubrovnik and soon in Split, as our team’s natural development and expansion.

“The decision was not difficult at all, despite the economic impact of Covid-19. We are all witnessing one tremendous change in the world’s economic, political, and social structure. We know many jobs today will vanish in 5 years, including the maritime agents and services they are currently offering.

Yacht agencies to survive will be full-service management destination companies, specialized for yachts, with clear structures, equal liability for their employees and subcontractors, and their employees trained and specialized in supporting each yacht department.

Our clients expect us to be on top of all regulations and have an advanced and innovative approach to addressing the needs relative to yacht operations. It is critical to invest in employee development so that people in our team are fit to satisfy these demands.” – said Ajka Matijevic, Founder and Director.

We are welcoming several new A+ team members:

Darko Rodic – Operations Director, Croatia
Antonio Klaic – Operations Manager, Dubrovnik
Petra Puljizevic – VAT and Fiscal Compliance
Bozica Celanovic – Marketing Coordinator

Together, we build an A+ brand on the simple idea:

The yacht agent's job is to anticipate problems and offer solutions while creating yachting-friendly communities and structures for smooth yacht operations in our region.

We may not do great things, but we do small things with great love, and together we are making a difference for many people in the yachting community.

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