A+ Yachting recommends – Top five restaurants on the southern Adriatic coast of Croatia

Located in the Southeast Europe and nestled along the Adriatic Coast, Croatia is a home to a burgeoning restaurant scene. With many best, Michelin star rewarded restaurants, hidden in tiny coves, known to locals and to a special few and accessible exclusively by boat, Croatia is a foodie dream come true.
From the rolling hills and olive groves of Istria in the west ,to the turquoise waters of Dalmatia in the south, and vast, castle dotted plains in northern Slavonia, Croatia is a country of beautiful contrasts. With fresh herbs and vegetables throughout its coastal region and thanks to its abundant seafood selection, warm climate, and centuries of trade with and occupation by Greeks, Italians, and Turks, Dalmatia boasts much of the healthy and tasty cuisine the Mediterranean is known for.

Dalmatia has plenty of olive oil, shellfish, and pasta, as well as some terms that may look familiar, like “rizot” (“risotto”) and “skampi” (“scampi”) but for these and many more local yet world renowned delicacies you must come and see what the new generation of Croatian chefs can create with mouthwatering local ingredients.

Restaurant 360

Fine dining Restaurant 360 is located in the town of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO heritage site. Exquisite terrace stretching along medieval walls and fortress of St John opens up with an unique sea view to an old town and its port. The elegant dining room is a combination of historical stone walls and design pieces of decor with a view to the glassed-in kitchen.

Our restaurant serves dinner exclusively. There are two 5-courses Tasting Menus and abbreviated options through A la Carte Menu.

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Inspired by flavours and ingredients of Dubrovnik & Mediterranean cuisine and framed in French cooking techniques, our gourmet dishes are ready to be served to discerning culinary guests from all around the world.

360 Dubrovnik

There is no bad sitting at this fine-dining restaurant that is built into the city walls and boasts views of the harbour and Dubrovnik castle. The signature carrot cooked four ways served in black garlic and pine nut crumb is a must order, as is scampi lightly fried in vermicelli noodles and perched on a Jerusalem artichoke foam. Offer of local wines includes Malvazia Istriana, Terrano and Plavac Mali.

LD Restaurant

Located in Lešić Dimitri Palace on Korčula island, the inspiration for this unique restaurant came from the Adriatic coast’s beautiful gardens – above and below sea level. Owners support local producers and are connected to Korčula’s indigenous seasonal produce.

This restaurant is compassionate of guests arriving from yachts and boats, who prefer the maximum level of privacy on board their yachts and wish to make their food plans afloat straightforward by providing LD Restaurant’s TAKE AWAY SERVICE.


This restaurant also offers the finest local wines by the case.

Here, each year, Relais & Chateaux celebrates World Oceans Day in partnership with Ethic Ocean to protect our marine biodiversity.

LD Restaurant believes in importance of seafood sustainability. Fish stock levels, fishing/farming methods, maturity size, sustainability issues, people’s taste expectations, murky distribution network, mislabeled species, and all other challenges make sourcing sustainable seafood difficult – but we all must act. Otherwise, future generations won’t know what wild salmon tastes like.

Hotel & Restaurant Lemongarden

Hotel Lemongarden

There are special places on this earth. Sometimes, the road takes you to a place you’ve never dream of falling for at first glance and you find yourself never waiting to leave. This is exactly what happened to the hosts at Lemongarden Hotel when they fell head over heels with the fishing village of Staniva on the island of Brač. They embarked on a journey to build a one of a kind hotel with an internationally recognized cuisine that takes great pride in serving local and organic products.

At Hotel Lemongarden – and the entire island of Brač, great importance is placed on food not just as a form of enjoyment but also as a cultural expression. If you know Croatia, you know the quality of its cuisine. Quick and gently prepared vegetables seasoned with wild herbs make this cuisine light and healthy yet delicious. Fish and seafood as much as grilled or cooked meat is exclusively prepared with fresh ingredients the Lemongarden cuisine one of a kind.

Hotel Lemongarden

One of the signatures of this amazing place is their love and devotion towards local and seasonal produce. If you stop by the Lemongarden hotel whatever for breakfast, lunch, or dinner primally regional and seasonal food will be freshly prepared and served. The various herbs come from our own garden and fruit and vegetables from the local organic farms. Fish and seafood come fresh daily directly from the local fishermen. Lamb, veal, and beef is always porched from select, regional farmers your head Jeff is an absolute Mediterranean cuisine virtuoso. For the sake of quality and sustainability, freshness and the origin of the ingredient are matters close to the internationally awarded chef’s heart and his cuisine embodies unrivalled, natural sophistication. This is something you can tease at every bite.

Konoba Tavern Pelegrini

The rich gastronomic heritage of Šibenik dates back to the Roman period and has been influenced by the Venetians, the Ottoman Empire, and the French over subsequent centuries. Pelegrini showcases local ingredients such as mussels, oysters, sea snails, sea urchins, and different types of fish, as well as meat-based dishes with an emphasis on lamb and veal. Careful attention to presentation and the cut of the meat, together with a judicious combination of flavors ensures that your taste buds are always satisfied.

Trip Advisor

In short, chef Rudolf Štefan leaves nothing to chance – his dishes are always the result of painstaking research and hard work!


If you choose this restaurant don’t forget to try their specialties such as Carrot mussels and sausage, Chicken tingul, Fig, and ricotta.

Restaurant Fešta

Seafood restaurant “Fešta” is situated in the inlet of Golubovac on the island of Žut, in the beautiful Kornati archipelago. It is surrounded by hundred-year-old olive trees on the very coast, with power and water supplied mooring.

Otok Žut

Looking at the interior, the restaurant looks like an old Dalmatian tavern and has a collection of native crafts. Numerous fisherman and agricultural tools, accessories, and traditional clothing are displayed there. The restaurant also has two outdoor terraces, an open wood-burning barbecue, a bread oven, and an aquarium.

Cooperation with top-quality fishermen guarantees daily fresh fish and shellfish, mastered using different preparation techniques.

Croatian wine has a history dating back to the Ancient Greek settlers, and their wine production on the southern Dalmatian islands of Vis, Hvar and Korčula some 2,500 years ago. Like other old world wine producers, many traditional grape varieties still survive in Croatia. Today, Croatia is a home to at least 130 native grape varieties and many of these grapes have unique qualities that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. If you are a wine lover, then Croatia is a perfect country to visit!

I will lead you through the best and widest selection of small, limited production wines at the best prices at our most famous restaurants and wineries.

Don’t forget the good old quote
“ A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine”

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