Amazing activities on the Adriatic Coast


Via Ferrata Kotor

Via Ferrata (Italian for “iron path”) is a secured hiking trail, where you can cross some inaccessible parts of the mountain massifs thanks to the ladders, ramps and cables fixed to the rock ledge. It is safe and available not only for professional alpinists, but also for people in regular physical shape. The trail provides stunning views of the entire Old Town of Kotor, the Bay of Kotor, its port, as well as the old Austrian road to Cetinje.

The Via Ferrata Kotor is 200 meters long and 150 meters high, and has trails marked and moderately difficult and difficult. The whole adventure lasts for about two hours.

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Lovcen to Lustica biking tour

One of the most adventurous ways to explore Montenegro is to engage in outdoor activities. The mountains and hills surrounding Lustica Bay are carved with scenic trails, giving you the perfect opportunity to try your hand at hiking or mountain biking. Experience the mesmerizing views of Boka Bay as you cycle the beautiful trail that descends from Lovcen mountain down to the Lustica peninsula.

This tour involves approximately 30 km of downhill cycling on a regular road with light traffic, and a challenging 8.3 km stretch to the finish. We provide escort vehicles, and can arrange for you to begin at varying points, e.g. Ivanova Korita.

To complete your day of discovery, we suggest kayaking in Lustica Bay from Rt Veslo. This truly unique experience offers the chance to explore Montenegro from every angle – its highest mountains and hidden seaside gems.

Zipline across the world’s second deepest canyon

Want to feel like Superman? Pack your bags and head to Zipline Tara Montenegro. The largest zipline spanning across the Tara river and its second deepest canyon in the world (1333m), turns the activity on its head! The riders fly over the canyon over with their bellies down, parallel to the ground far below. The zipline is situated on 225 meters above Tara River, and is 1500 meters long. Now, don’t panic. You want to be a bird for a moment or not?

Flight over a deep gorge encourages strong adrenaline rush, and everything is seasoned with incredible panoramic experience of the nature from a different perspective. Endless green of the surrounding forests and meadows and turquoise river seen from such altitude will be etched in your memory forever.

Rafting on Tara River

Tara Rafting is the ultimate adrenaline challenge, unusual adventure, and unforgettable vacation for all true nature lovers! Rafting on Tara river and its canyon is a true treat for all rafting lovers around the world.

Excitement, adrenaline rush, dreamy natural scenery you can admire from top of the Tara canyon, fresh mountain air – all of that and more is what you can expect from Tara river rafting adventure. Pump up your mood, invite great company and be ready to feel an intense excitement. Tarasport team will be your partner on this adventure, and make sure you make beautiful new memories.


ATV safari tour in Dubrovnik

ATV Safari is the best way to see the beauty of Dubrovnik and surrounding areas. Escape from the crowded streets to explore untouched nature and fields, local villages, breathtaking views and local food. Ride up to Mount Srdj and get in touch with nature as you pass valleys, hills, and fields. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city and its vicinity. The tour involves a 24 km ride and a huge adrenaline rush!

Via Ferrata Hvar

The Via Ferrata Hvar starts above the steep wine vineyards of Sveta Nedjelja and ends on the plateau just below the island’s highest peak, the Sveti Nikola (626m).

Outfitted with steel steps, steel ropes, and certified via ferrata sets — you can experience a majestic panorama and an adrenaline rush from the idyllic cliffs perched above the Adriatic Sea. Highlights on the route include a heart-pumping walk over the hanging bridge of Sveti Spiridion, which sits 80 meters above the ground and crosses over 30-meter-high cliffs.

The hike back is on a simple, marked tourist trail avoiding steep rocks and passes two notable sights: the church of Our Lady of Health and Sveta Nedjelja Cave. The Augustinian monastery dates back to the 16th century.

The adventure lasts two to three hours.

Highest bungee jump in Croatia

Bungee jump from a 56 meters high at Maslenica bridge is the highest and the most exciting bungee in Croatia. Maslenica bridge is located just 30 km outside Zadar. Get your adrenaline going and see the Adriatic from a different angle.

Canoe-Kayak down Zrmanja River near Zadar

Spend a day on a water safari canoeing along Croatia’s Zramanja River as you encounter waterfalls and easy rapids, hidden swimming pools, and a steep-sided canyon! Enjoy a day in this perfectly clear warm water that flows through a spectacular canyon.

Intact nature, clear waters and a bounty of flora and fauna make the Zrmanja one of the most beautiful Croatian and European rivers. So, kayaking down its rapids will be both a fun and memorable experience for the whole family.

Zipline in Omis

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of some of Croatia’s most spectacular scenery, as well as a thrilling way to explore. This adrenalin infused zipline polygon is located in the canyon of the Cetina River, 3 km from Omis. It consists of eight steel cables across which participants, sitting in a belt, descend down the canyon. The total length of the cables is 2.100 m, the longest of which is 700 meters and 150 meters above ground level. It will get your blood pumping and your adrenaline levels to the maximum, all the while you will be completely safe!

The underground military world of Vis

Vis Island holds many historic secrets: fortresses, military subways, and labyrinths of tunnels. The island was strategically significant in the Adriatic and was fought over in many naval battles. But, some of the most attractive sites to see are the military tunnels dug throughout the island after the end of Second World War, when the island was a major military base for Yugoslav army.

For history enthusiasts, these sights will be a treat. You will see the labyrinth of underground tunnels, the remains of cannons and abandoned warehouses. The local guide will share with you all the secrets behind them. Since the tunnels are long, the tour requires a moderate fitness level and an overall good health.

Biserujka cave - a nature’s wonder on Krk

One of the most visited caves in Croatia is the Biserujke Cave, located near the village of Rudine, on the island of Krk. The island is abundant with caves, 54 of them, of which Biserujka is the largest and only one open to visitors. The cave is filled with stenoendemic species, including insects, spiders, centipedes and a rare type of shrimp. As many as 28 species have been detected, six of which do not live anywhere else in the world.

In addition to rich animal life, the cave is particularly famous for its magnificent interior decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, and columns made of calcite. It takes thousands of years to create such cave formations.

Fun fact: it is named Biserujka (Pearly) for according to the legend, the pirates in the Adriatic used it to hide their stolen treasure.

Hike the fabulous Krk Island

Set off the Krk hiking trails for an amazing holiday adventure! Experience the beauty of magnificently diverse landscapes on the island both along the coast and inland. Known as ‘the golden island’ of the Adriatic Sea, Krk also happens to be a top destination for hiking enthusiasts. So, don’t miss the opportunity to go on a discovery along a variety of available hiking routes. A total of 300 kilometers of walking trails have been set up and marked, including easy and more difficult trails dedicated exclusively for active walkers or Alpinists.

For example, from Krk town you can head out along the olive oil trail or you can conquer the highest peak Obzova (569m) with fabulous views. Chances are you will catch the sight of magnificent griffon vultures in the skies, since Krk, the nearby island of Prvić, and the island of Cres are their last habitats in Croatia.

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