Best Art Galleries to Enjoy in Croatia

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And today, we bring you an overview of exciting galleries on the Croatian coast showcasing traditional and modern works of art of prominent and up-and-coming artists. We are big fans of those hosted by the artists themselves.

Gallery Mestrovic, Split

Ivan Mestrovic was the most prominent Croatian sculptor. Gallery Mestrovic is projected by the artist, carefully projected and built to anchor all of his activities: work, life and exhibitions. This villa was his favorite residence, but due to many political and historic changes at the time, it never managed to be his primary address. In 1952 he donated this building, alongside all of the 132 works of art in it, to the Croatian people. Visit it to enjoy the timeless elegance of Mestrovic’s work.

Gallery Jaksic, Brac & Split

This is a must-visit stop for anyone who appreciates modern art. Two galleries are located in Split and Brac, showcasing the work done by Jaksic family members. Ida Stipcic Jaksic is creating unique, handmade jewelry made of silver and semi-precious stones. Academic sculptor Lovre Jaksic presents his stone sculptures, while Dina Jaksic Pavasovic exhibits her paintings and stone sculptures. This active family is always on the go, creating new art pieces making the gallery a must-go stop anytime you visit the area. Their unique approach is shown in the combination of classic and handmade processing with the latest technology, getting the most of the natural materials that Brac is known for.

Gallery Juraj Dalmatinac, Šibenik

In the beautiful Mediterranean feel of the gallery, you will find a variety of art pieces on offer showcasing the best of the country’s art scene. Most of the offering is done by famous artists from the second part of the 20th century until today. It mixes works of art done by academic painters, jewelry and clothing designed by Croatian designers, and unique, handmade souvenirs.

Hvaroom, Hvar

Conveniently located in a 300-year-old house on Hvar’s Piazza, right next to one of the oldest European theaters, Hvaroom gallery resembles an art studio and living space. Active since 2000, it mainly showcases works of Maja Jelusic and Ana Kolega, with exhibitions done by other prominent artists from time to time. Two floors above, a nice coffee bar invites you to stay for a chat and discuss the shows or attend one of their many artistic events. In Hvaroom, you can buy paintings, sculptures, different textile articles, postcards, and books. A perfect place to find a suitable, unique gift.

A studio and a gallery, a shop and a room – Hvar room, Hvaroom. Welcome!

Ivan Pessi Gallery

Atelier & Gallery Ivan Pessi, Lovran

Ivan Pessi is a renowned Croatian painter, and this lovely atelier and gallery space has been situated in the old town of Lovran for more than 40 years. Pessi finds his inspiration in Mediterranean life and its details, and he prefers the oil on canvas technique for his work. A unique piece of art by a local artist is always the best souvenir!

Jaman Art, Split

In this gallery, you can enjoy the works of academic painter Danijel Jaman. Drawing his inspiration from pop art and new-expressionism, Jaman is one of those artists who stepped away from the predominant motives of picturing traditional landscapes and immersed himself in the world of western pop culture. Jaman Art became a vital cultural point in Split, so do pay it a visit once you are there.

Poola Gallery, Pula

Founded by the artists Bojan Šumonja and Dean Skira, Poola Gallery is located in the historic heart of the city, and its work is highly supported by the Robot art organization. The gallery aims to present a relevant and high-quality art scene, with a particular interest in young and emerging artists. Emphasizing the interactive approach to gallery practice, or artist-run gallery as it is known, they make an active effort to use their work to enhance the offering of the scene on the local and national levels.

C.B.Schneider Modern Art Gallery, Rovinj

A small gallery in Roving is run by the artist himself. Claus Bruno Schneider is an Austrian artist married to a Croatian who showcases his art directly in his workshop, a 400-year-old Palazzo in Rovinj.

New World Lover Art Gallery, Makarska

Another exciting gallery run by the artist herself. Marijeta Lozina lived in Holland, England, and Croatia, and currently, she is sharing her time between life in Croatia and USA. Her art draws inspiration from the ocean and the Adriatic Sea, and her sculptures are mainly made of foil and luster stone.

“Marijeta Lozina’s work illustrates the creative brilliance of her beautiful soul. Blending the essence of ocean depth with celestial tones, she transcends the chains of time and sets one’s thoughts on the path of spiritual discovery,” Steve LeGrand.

Great options for a gift or souvenir from your trip.

Vapor Gallery, Korcula

This stunning gallery showcases a rich collection of more than 60 major Croatian contemporary and modern artists. It is a mixture of paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. It is a small place in Old Town Korcula, perched on edge overlooking the sea and mountains. The owners are welcoming and very knowledgeable; even if you don’t buy anything, you will be sure to leave with a lot of new information about the local art scene.

Merania Ceramics, Istria

A showcase of Masimo Jenkel’s exploration of ceramics. A shop and a workshop station where you can learn more about the entire ceramics procedure directly from the artist himself. Apart from their own products, there is an option to order something personalized or to adapt the existing pieces to the needs of a buyer. If you are interested in this type of art, make sure to visit this interesting shop.

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