Best Wines to Try in Croatia

Pleasant Mediterranean climate on the Croatian coast is not just a good host to all the guests coming here and seeking relaxation and enjoyment, it is also a great support for the local vineyards of which there are plenty.

We spoke to our dear sommelier friends, asking them about their suggestions of the best wines to buy and look for while on the coast. If you like the list below and would like to order some of them for your next cruise, do get in touch with our provisioning team for all details and a free quote.

A selection of white wines we suggest:

Mihalj Graševina Mačovo Brdo

Wine lovers appreciate Kutjevo region for their long-standing tradition in producing excellent white wines. The key factor for Kutjevo region wines is their minerality, which is greatly expressed in this particular wine produced by Mihalj family.

Since recently, a small family winery with individual approach to making wines stood out in the market. Mihalj father/son duo received many awards for their Graševina. Wine of the Mihalj family comes to the market a full year after most of the others, following their particular approach to wine production.

Mihalj Graševina is yellow with hints of gold, bringing a ripe fruitiness, gentle floral tones and rich scent.

Bire Grk

Grk is a well appreciated indigenous grape variety from Croatia, characteristic for the area of the island of Korčula. A fun fact about Grk is that it has only feminine functional parts of the grape and to grow, it has to be planted next to another variety. Usually, it is planted next to Plavac Mali, which is also a well-known red grape variety, since they blossom and ripen at the same time.
Bire Grk is an organic, dry white wine bringing aromas and flavors of chamomile and hay meadow with brioche, spice, and banana. The wine is characteristic for its persistent finish and excellent concentration.

Enjingi Venje

Enjingi Venje wine is a final product of interesting grape varietals: Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Welschriesling, Riesling, Gewürztraminer. As these are mostly dry wines they do create a well-balanced, full-body wine with intense flavors and aromas (you can sense a bit of apple, honey, pear, sweet oak, and spices). It has fantastic aging potential, and it comes to the market after 18 months of the aging process in barrique barrels. The rich taste and long finish promise you will be indulging it for a longer period of time.

Benvenuti Malvazija Anno Domini

Motovun in Istria is well-known and recognized for numerous wine cellars. Malvazija Anno Domini comes as a complex and matured wine with a long aging potential. This is the wine with impressive longevity and can be a fantastic gift choice for wine collectors for example. You will appreciate its persistent and long finish taste, as well as its fruity and spicy aromas in the background. Deep yellow-green color with a golden reflection simply invites you for some sunset wine tasting on the deck.

Nerica Pošip / Stina Pošip Majstor

Stina in Croatian means stone, and it is no by chance this winery comes from the island Brač, famous for its white stone. Brač area cultivated many renowned Croatian artists, but also some excellent wines, which explains the incredible energy of the island. It is unique for the fact all actions during cultivation are done manually. To preserve flavor and freshness of grapes, harvest is done manually and selectively early in the morning. Why not enjoy a sip of the wine bringing you inspirational and idyllic atmosphere of the island itself?

Korak: Chardonnay Sur Lie & Sauvignon Kamenice

Owning 6 acres of vineyards in Plešivica region, Korak is one of the leading boutique wineries in Croatia. They are known for producing limited quantities of high-quality wine. Korak cultivates different grape varieties such as Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, when it comes to white grapes, and red grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Portuguese.

Chardonnay Sur Lie is the high-quality Croatian Chardonnay made in the typical style of south Burgundy. Full-bodied, rich and slightly spicy, this wine brings ripe tropical fruit aromas of bananas, melon, and pineapples with a hint of hazelnut, toast, and butter. It has excellent aging potential.

Sauvignon Kamenice is produced from the single vineyard grapes from the estate. The wine has exquisite minerality with complex, slightly smoky notes, as well as herbal, vegetative, grass clippings, peas, asparagus, and elderflower notes. It has a nice citrus fruits, white peach and passion fruits palate.

A selection of red wines we suggest:

Coronica Gran Teran

Coronica Gran Teran is an incredible wine coming from Istria. It was made only in years when the grapes are of the highest quality, bringing you a rich, well-balanced wine with good aging potential.
On the nose you’ll find aromas of red cherries, plum jam and dried Mediterranean herbs, while on the palate you’ll also find some other darker fruits like blackberries and some smoky tobacco. The entire process starts after careful grape sorting and, after maturing in wooden barrels, it is only released to the market when it reaches optimal drinking quality.

Plavac Mali Stagnum

Pelješac Peninsula is home to an impressive Frano Miloš vineyard who’s been tending its family’s estate for more than two decades. The love for wine is passed on in the family for a long time perfecting their wine production.
Plavac Mali is a very well-known, native grape variety, and its name refers to the small blue grains that the wines produce (plavac means blue and mali means small).

Plavac Mali is produced organically, with hand harvesting of the grapes and working only with indigenous yeasts and minimal levels of added sulfates in the winery.
The iconic Stagnum is aged for at least five years in Slavonian oak casks. This powerful wine can be enjoyed now as well as aged for long periods of time.

Gracin Babić Suha Punta

This wine is recognized as one of the top 5 Croatian wines. Despite the fact Suha Punta is one of the younger wineries, it is producing premium wines and Babić is considered one of the top Croatian red wines.

Babić is a well recognized single grape variety from Primošten region in Dalmatia. This premium wine has strength coming from the ideal balance of acid, alcohol, and fruit. Hand harvesting is the only way how they make sure only the best grapes make it to the production. It is a great wine to enjoy now, but also to have it aged for some years and see how nicely it matures.

Bedalov Castel Zinfandel

This dark red-purple shaded wine has a strong body and intense flavor. It has a lot of tannis and alcohol, but dominating are flavors of red fruit with a bit of pepper and anise. The wine is made from a particular selection of Castel Crljenak grapes planted with traditional method without canopy management.

Punta Greca Merlot

Punta Greca is one of the best Croatian red wines, and it comes from Istria region, from Istria’s southernmost vineyard, surrounded by sea from the three sides. It is produced in a very limited quantity, but its premium quality makes it completely worthwhile.

Bura Dingač

This wine comes from Plavac Mali variety, the native grape from Pelješac and Dalmatian Islands.
Bura Dingač is wine that is rich in flavor and high in alcohol and tannis. It is clear red color with a bit of a purple tones. It is a high quality, full-body wine with long-lasting taste. With ideal storage, it can be aged for 10 years.

Legovina Noir Nobile (Bordeaux blend) 2015.

The first harvest after the magical 2005. Noir Nobile is a Bordeaux coupage from the cellar of Legović family in Istria. It was created through a selection of grapes with 72 months in barrique, the bottles are numerated and coming from a small selection. It is wine of slow temp, and it counts even for the time spent in the glass. Critics would note it as ‘ideally imperfect, lively and truly nutritional’. This is a deep taste wine created to enjoy it during those long dinner conversations with friends and family.

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