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A metaphor for life, the art of cycling has become a universal holistic rebalance practice, much needed in modern life. There is a worldwide re-awakening of bike culture, returning to nature and healthy lifestyles. A bicycle is no longer just a fun means of transport to school or a grocery store on a simple two-wheeler, but a vehicle carefully designed to provide great satisfaction to cyclists of all ages and the whole range of their demands.

Local cycling routes include sunbathed Adriatic trails, secluded ones through the thick pine forests in the surrounding hills, and everything in between. Earth and gravel, grass, and asphalt sway under the wheels, while conquering the rock and the green of Montenegro on your bicycle.

Like any sport, whether competitive or non-competitive, cycling connects people and communities. It creates conversations by providing a common ground, and a shared sense of passion. Leisurely pedallers and hardcore asphalt-eaters alike are connected regardless of origin, language, race. You might have not thought about it, but on the bike, you become a member of a huge global cycling community.

Each trail allows you to try out various surfaces and elevations. To endure the ascents on gravel paths, enjoy pine tree cradled summits, or feel sea salt on your face by the picturesque waterfront. Ultimate biking experience awaits in Montenegro.

Cycling elevates travel by providing iconic experiences and perspectives of the destination reserved for the biking community only. Sounds exaggerated? Not at all. Cycling through your destination brings you closer to the land and its people than any other means of travel. It gives you the chance to see well-known places from a new perspective and opens up their more remote corners to deeper exploration.

Boka Bay is a rugged lady formed by the sheer power of nature, the pearl nestled between earth, sky, and water, a Mecca for all willing to cycle their way through its iconic scenery.

Once you hop on your bike and feel the trails, you will experience Boka Bay from the perspectives shared with a privileged few.

Our trails are off the grid, innovative, and meticulously designed by triathlon enthusiasts, while the bike fleet consists of brand-new standard and electric bikes for any fitness level. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a newbie in the world of cycling, we are committed to providing you the ultimate biking experience in Montenegro.

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