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Biking tours in Montenegro and Croatia

In the past few years, we have noticed a significant change in the type of experiences that guests onboard of yachts are looking for. While previously, cruising was all about leisure, good food and some watersports, recently we’ve seen significant growth of requests for outdoor activities. It seems that focus on health and mental wellbeing have been widely accepted and we have noticed that even older generations onboard are looking for information on running tracks at each island, biking routes and more recently guided biking tours that are adjusted to their fitness level and time availability.

We have selected our favorite biking tours in the region that our clients loved most.

Read on and let us know which one you interests you the most 🙂

Biking route: Lovcen to Kotor or Lustica Bay

Overall, the tour is approximately 30 km downhill, it is a regular road with some traffic, and there is a challenging 8.3 km at the end of it. You can see more about the road condition at this Google Map HERE.

There are many options we can run this tour. For example, we can arrange a vehicle going in front and at the end of the group for the safety reasons. We can also arrange a biking tour to be done partially (from Ivanova Korita to Njegusi, through the National Park, and you will still get to enjoy stunning views from the top). Another option is to have transport by car to Lustica (approx. 20-30 min drive), or you can even take a downhill from there to Kotor through Ladders of Cattaro.

I think the video below encapsulates the beauty of the tour:

Cycling at Mljet 

The island of Mljet is filled with biking paths, but most pleasure ones are in the National Park area. Most of the routes are dry and rocky. Some of the sections are placed on the paved road. 

Mljet National Park official website shows the map of different routes you can take, and offers many information.

Check out the video below for some extra motivation.

Biking in Peljesac

For more experienced and adventurous bikers, we recommend mountain biking on the peninsula Peljesac.

There is a very rocky trail with an interesting view on coast and islands nearby, the video shows it all: 

Mountain Biking route (MTB route) Orebic to Sveti Ilija is one of the coolest ways to enjoy Peljesac peninsula. This is a 30km long road, and we are talking about some heavy physical challenge due to the 1020m elevation gain. People who are into some extreme adventure will undoubtedly enjoy it.

Orebic municipality is the tourist center of Peljesac, while Sveti Ilija is the highest peak of Peljesac, with 961m height above sea level. At some point, you will have to hike since the road is very rocky and steep and biking it would be way too dangerous. The best time to do this tour is out of the high summer season due to the high temperatures.

The easiest way to enjoy Peljesac is to book a guide, he will give you the professional advice but also the context and history of the area. These guys are specialized in doing MTB routes in the area, feel free to check their page.

The singletrack section from Sv Ilija to Orebić

However, should you be interested in doing the tour on your own, check out this page offering more information.

Biking and wine tour at Hvar

What a better way to discover this fantastic island if not to bike around and then have a few sips of wine along the way? 😊 We have enjoyed so much meeting the tour guide and spending some time with him, no doubt you will too. There is a lot to learn about 2400 years old UNESCO-protected city Stari Grad, but also the surrounding areas. The guide will show you the best spots, panorama views and introduce you to locals. Tasting wines in such a fantastic environment will fulfill the experience of this Natural Pearl island. 

The tour is easy and suitable for all levels of fitness. It is only 30km of cycling and without too many inclines. The tour lasts 4 hours (and memories stay forever 😊)

Check out the video below for a better sense of this:

If you would like to feel some adrenaline, check out the off-road biking option. It is a combination of pleasure and a good workout. Tours range anywhere between 50km and 135km, so in terms of fitness, it certainly pays off. You will be able to see the priceless view of the entire Hvar and island around, to cycle through villages, hills, discover the wild landscape and lush countryside. 

Of course in tours like this, there is a stop for lunchtime with local cuisine and best wines from local vineyards. Duration of trips is between 4-6 hours, it depends on the distance.

The video will give you the best impression of this and for sure after this few minutes, you will put this cycling tour in your wishlist 🙂

Biking in National Park Krka

Stunning Krka presents 471 km of biking trails and is something every cycling fan should have on their list. The area offers fourteen different routes, including six family-friendly routes, three road routes and five MTB routes.

For all routes, you have three starting points: The NP Krka branch office in Skradin, the Visitor Center in Laskovica and the Eco Campus Krka in Puljan.

From any route you start you will see some fantastic riverside spots and understand why this park is protected natural area.

The longest is the so-called ‘Royal Route’ at 95km distance, while the shortest one is only 8.6km long. The short tour takes you from Skradin to Skradinski buk, the most visited waterfall on Krka river.

All information, maps of routes, starting points, and anything you need to know can be found on their official website.

Overall, the routes are circularly formed to allow the user a smooth return to the starting point. In some locations, they cross each other or run parallel, and it’s important to know that cyclists shouldn’t move from one route to another. You can download the catalog for the NP Krka cycling routes here.

Biking at Dugi Otok, from Telasica Bay to Strasna pec

The place you have to see is Strasna Pec (means “a terrible furnace”). This is a cave located in the central part of Dugi Otok, near the village Savar and is at 70m above sea level. It is open to visitors during the summer months. It is 10m wide and 7m high with two rooms. In the first one you can see stalagmites while the second shows big stones and is located at more significant depth.

Although the archaeological research was never carried out here, there are some thoughts this place was, due to its geographical position, a temporary habitat for humans many thousands of years ago. Actually, a small knife from the Stone Age was accidentally found, and due to the shape of the rope and its handle, it is possible to date it to the Neolithic period. In the written history, the cave is first mentioned in 1898 with some notes stating that the king of Austrian- Hungarian imperium Franjo Josip visited it in 1904.

Make sure to incorporate this fabulous place in your biking tour trough Dugi Otok.

There is a big cycling road From Savar to Sali the Cave Strasna pec is located in the middle part of it, only 2,8 km from main cycling road street. You need approximately 10 km cycling from Savar to reach a cave. After the cave, we recommend to continue your cycling trip to the south, and see all beauties of Telasica bay, Salt lake and Sali.

For complete tour Savar to Sali, you will cycle approximately 50 km, but it is worth it, trust us 😊

Anyhow, the video will show you more of what we are talking about:

The full cycling map for the island can be found here.

For all support for bookings and information on the tours, A Plus Yachting team is ready to help and assist, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

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