BVLGARI store opened in Porto Montenegro

Bulgari, the magnificent and contemporary Italian jeweler opened a new boutique this summer in the delightful summer escape location of Porto Montenegro, situated in the premises of the Regent Hotel. The newest edition to Porto Montenegro’s enticing shopping scene will offer a spectacular experience for all jewelry enthusiasts.

The boutique front has two giant show windows in striking saffron, the distinctive color of the brand recalling the late afternoon sun of Rome, the eternal city, the source of inspiration for the Brand. The architectural concept has been developed by the internationally acclaimed archistar Peter Marino who conveys in this store the pure Roman style yet giving his touch for a timeless and contemporary vision of Rome, with the warm soul of the Eternal City. The concept takes an eclectic approach, with the design of some furniture inspired by legendary Italian designers of the last century. Here in Montenegro, the traditional Roman-inspired interior design concept also celebrates its Mediterranean roots introducing elements of blue in a color palette that connects all the exclusive coastal resort locations.

The first room features a spectacular chandelier hand-crafted in Murano glass, while artworks by Andy Warhol bring a more contemporary touch of color. Portals in sodalite from the lapis lazuli stone family frame the adjoining rooms; in one the clients will admire a sales counter in precious walnut inspired by Italian designer Franco Albini, with iconic Condotti show windows, a reproduction of the original windows still present in Bulgari’s historic flagship in Via Condotti in Rome. Through this room, visitors can reach a more private lounge with sofa and armchairs inspired by Italian designer Osvaldo Borsani, who’s entrance is adorned by a decorative Pantheon Mesh: with geometric pattern in circle and squares it also incorporates the Condotti eight-pointed star, which has become a symbol in all Bulgari’s boutiques. The fourth room features a special counter conceived as a sculpture in marble with a design inspired by Italian designer Carlo Scarpa, where clients can also admire the stunning Accessories Collection.

The visitors will be ravished by the jewelry, watches and accessories collections on display. Over the decades, the beauties of Rome have been translated into Bulgari’s unmistakable jewelry codes, indelibly shaping the brand identity. Chromatic symphonies, the balance of volumes and flair for geometries brilliantly evoke Rome’s unique coexistence of present and past. Continually changing its skin through the creativity and vision of the master Roman jeweler, the Serpenti collection has unfurled its evershifting nature and relentless power of transformation year after year, evolving from the first stylized tubogas versions to the modern and essential interpretations of Serpenti Viper.

Created in 1999 to welcome the year 2000, the B.zero1 collection embodies fresh start even through its name: the “B” stands for Bulgari, “zero” for the new millennium and the number “1” for new, infinite beginnings. Always one step ahead, this visionary collection keeps reinventing its unmistakable design with audacity, boldness and a rule-breaking spirit and in 2022 launches B.zero1 New Classic.

Roman history combined with contemporary elegance: this is the essence of Divas’ Dream, Bulgari’s enchanting jewelry collection which draws inspiration from Rome’s Caracalla Mosaics.

Octo Finissimo rewrites the rules of contemporary watches with innovative finishes, alternating matte and brilliant surfaces. Symbol of Bulgari’s integral bond between jewelry savoir-faire and watchmaking art, it faced the impossible challenge of working a hard, stiff material into a piece of extreme slenderness.

Just a few of the many treasures to be discovered in this new Bulgari’s coffer.

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