Ease of COVID restrictions in Croatia and Montenegro

Following a massively improved situation with the pandemic in both countries, last week all COVID related restrictions have been significantly eased.

In Croatia:
  • Protective masks are not obligatory anymore; however, there is a recommendation for people to be cautious and wear masks where needed
  • All employees and patients in the healthcare system and working in the nursing homes must continue wearing protective masks
  • No restrictions on working hours for coffee shops, restaurants and clubs
  • Covid certificates will only be requested for in the healthcare system
  • Entry to Croatia is allowed without the COVID certificate for all EU citizens, people coming from other countries will be asked for the COVID certificate at the border.
When it comes to Montenegro, the rules are as following:
  • Masks are obligatory only in the public transportation and healthcare system
  • Wearing mask is a general recommendation but not a compulsory rule
  • No restrictions on number of guests for public gatherings
  • No restrictions on entering the country regardless of country of origin
  • Entry requirements for Montenegro are same for all travelers, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status

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