How does current situation reflect on yachting in the Adriatic?

As we are all aware, the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is changing the world as we know it and it will have massive consequences to the global economy.

Needless to mention its massive impact on the yachting industry, as we all see how sanctions, yacht seizing or denying of services to certain yachts affect our fellow crew members on various vessels worldwide.

In the last few weeks, we’ve been receiving numerous inquiries and also been reading on various reports in media about the situation here in the Adriatic. As both countries, Montenegro and Croatia are part of NATO, and Croatia is also an EU member, contrary to many speculations that could be heard in the industry, both countries are fully aligned with EU instructions and policies.

That means that us, yacht agents, don’t only need to follow up everchanging COVID travel rules but also to navigate the international politics. We are staying informed on the latest sanction lists, updates in policies and anything that may affect our clients.

One thing is for sure, there is never a boring day in the office!

But as far as destination is concerned, we are open for business and we are getting ready for the busy summer season.

United airlines is opening direct flights from US to Croatian coast (reference HERE), Fly Dubai will be flying to Tivat, Montenegro, and meteorologists are announcing warmest summer in decades so we look forward to any yachts visiting our beautiful cruising area.

Feel free to contact us for detailed itinerary suggestions or updates on rules and regulations.

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