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The Adriatic’s Kayaking Hotspots

Boka Bay

Lustica Peninsula

The Lustica peninsula is home to a growing luxury community in Montenegro. There are many things to see and do- from jet skiing to 5* spa and dining experiences at the Chedi hotel. We’d also highly recommend exploring the wonderful old stone villages and caves.

With the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea on one side and the breath-taking Boka Bay fjord on the other, this dramatic peninsula is surrounded by serenity. Untouched natural beauty, cherished woods and olive groves all beg to be explored. Take an easy walk or go by kayak to enjoy the natural beauty of the wildlife.

Blue Cave

One of the most beautiful seascapes in Montenegro is the Blue Cave. This beauty is located between the Golden Part and Rt Mokra Gora, just 5.7 nautical miles from Herceg Novi. The Adriatic sun glares intensely through the entrance of the cave- accessible to boats through large rock openings. Submerge yourself below the clear turquoise waters and see the awe-inspiring rays of sunlight shining through dramatically. Paddling and kayaking are both fun and interactive ways to experience the famous Blue Cave.


Elafiti Islands

The islands get their name from the Greek word ‘elafos’, meaning deer because in ancient times, they were apparently home to a large deer population. The Elafiti islands are an archipelago situated close to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. 

There are actually six islands in the archipelago- the three main ones being Kolecep, Lopud, and Sipad. Two of them, Kolocep and Lopud, are entirely car-free, which means they’re an excellent place to base yourself if you want to get away from your usual busy lifestyle. 

The Elafiti Islands are sure to be the highlight of your visit to Dubrovnik, with hundreds of fantastic summer memories to be made on each of them. View our Elafiti Islands tour guide here.


Pakleni Islands 

Don’t miss the crystal-clear waters, hidden beaches and deserted lagoons of the Pakleni Islands.Pakleni otoci promise to leave visitors speechless. A gorgeous chain of wooded isles stretches out immediately in front of the town Hvar- providing numerous peaceful coves for diving, underwater fishing, swimming and water sports. View our Pakeleni Islands tour guide here.


The island of Vis is located off Croatia’s southern Adriatic coast. Unspoiled nature, breathtaking beaches, rich history and delicious local cuisine could easily convince anyone that this really is paradise.

Parja Tunnel

The large entrance to the main tunnel is just off the Vis town, on the northern side of the island as you head towards Fort George. We suggest travelling there by bike, scooter, or of course by boat.

Green Cave on Island Ravnik

The Green Cave (Zelena Špilja) can be found on the island of Ravnik- near the bigger island of Vis. The cave is a natural attraction situated in the south-west part of Ravnik. During the day, sunlight passes through the small hole on the vault of the cave- producing a fascinating green surface on the sea. It is after this phenomenon that the cave was named.

You may reach the cave either by boat, or simply swimming into it. Once there, you can bask in the fabulous beauty of light and sea.

Stiniva Beach

This gorgeous beach is a small bay hidden from the view of passing boats, framed by the high cliffs which give it a mystic atmosphere and a paradise-like feeling. Thanks to its beauty, it is known by the world as the top beach in Europe. Protected as a nature reserve, the beach is home to unique visuals and underwater life. 

To discover the natural beauties of the Stiniva cove by foot, take a drive to the Pliško polje and follow the signs to Žužeca hamlet. Alternatively, it is reachable by boat. To fully enjoy your kayaking experience in Stiniva, we’d suggest arriving early before tourist congestion begins.

Kornati Islands

Golubinka Cave

Dugi island is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. It has a pebbled and rocky shore, perforated and cracked with crevices and cavities, including Golubinka Cave. Characterised by a long entry, you’ll need a very narrow boat, such as a kayak, to access this cave. However, we’d recommend swimming with a diving mask for the best experience! Don’t miss the chance to be amazed by Golubinka treasure.


Telasica National Park

Kayaking in Telasica National Park is a great way to see the coastline around these this lovely sheltered lakes. It offers an ideal opportunity for canoeing or kayaking surrounded by calm and beautiful scenery.

Kayaking here is a very popular activity because it allows paddlers of all abilities to explore the National Park at their own pace. Great fun is guaranteed for all ages and fitness levels who wish to take in the wondrous views.

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