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Peljesac – Croatian Most Underestimated Cruising Ground in Charter Itineraries

Have you heard of Croatian ‘Chinese wall’? Did you know about the place where you can enjoy the well-known Croatian hospitality and high-quality homemade food away from the tourist crowds?

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This is our story about Peljesac, one of the most underestimated cruising areas of the Croatian coast, a place that boasts the finest fish in the Adriatic, organic food in literally every restaurant you go to (or konoba as locals would say), breathtaking wineries on each island. Peljesac is the place where you can truly rest simply by being away from the hectic city life, among the complete silence available only in those places without traffic.
Hidden and protected by nature, you will enjoy the authentic local cuisine while being at only 15-minute tender ride away from a 5-star resort where your guests can play tennis and enjoy a day at the spa, or having a quiet evening in the Slano village.

With a history that remembers periods of ancient Greece, Roman Province and Byzantine, with walls that protect the city Stone since 1358, Peljesac is for sure the place true history lovers will appreciate.


If you are close to Peljesac, you need to see the fantastic wall of city Stone. It is an essential part of the history of this peninsula, and not just that, it is fascinating that a small country like Croatia has a second fortification system in the world, right after the world-famous Chinese wall.

Wine is one of the things that Peljesac is well-known for. The special taste of wine and unique landscapes will leave you speechless. If you are on the lookout for the local specialty wines, ask for Plavac Mali and Posip Grgic.

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