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Provisioning in Montenegro – What You Need to Know

We all know it, providing the highest quality of products for your guests onboard is maybe the essential ingredient of the successful voyage.

For the yacht that is continuously on the move, a list of reliable provisioning contacts is crucial. Most of the boats have their schedule organised well in advance as well as their preferred cruising regions. For historical yachting destinations, such as the South of France or Italian coast, this is simple – all the brands are there, and the process is usually quite straightforward. 

Provisioning in Montenegro often comes under scrutiny for being too complicated or even impossible, however, in reality, if executed well, you can sail away with a boat full of happy guests as well as some saved budget. There may be some products or brands that are not always available, but there is always a fairly good alternative.

In Croatia, it is even more challenging to do provisioning, particularly for smaller yachts, as there is almost nothing available on local islands. Having someone to assist you with planning is crucial for making the right choices on stocking before the trip.

Being a yachting agent in Montenegro, I am often facing various requests from clients, and so far we’ve managed to find appropriate solutions to all of them. As in anything that you do, two things are essential: 

– Clearly communicating your expectations

– Placing your order in advance whenever possible 

Here are four things you need to take into account when provisioning for your yacht in Montenegro:

1. Importing days for fruits, vegetables and fish 

Montenegro has an excellent selection of locally produced, organic goods but in a smaller variety, and these can be purchased from local farmers at open markets only.

For anything above standard local products, it’s essential to know that our suppliers are importing two days a week. We always know which days are the best to deliver your fish or to reserve fresh fruits and vegetables to be kept in appropriate conditions until your delivery day.

2. Companies importing gourmet products for luxury hotels 

A rise in yachting and luxury tourism in Montenegro resulted in new openings of 5-star hotels and high-end restaurants. The increase in demand for such goods resulted in new companies focusing on import of bespoke gourmet products. Although they are mainly focusing on working with hotels and restaurants, they can support yachts as well. We have access to their stocks, and we know where to look.

3. Prices are up to 30% lower than competitive markets in France or Italy

Montenegro’s out of EU status has many positive impacts on the development of the yachting industry in the country. Following the 9% VAT on all marine services and tax-free fuel, if done correctly, provisioning of your yacht can also be up to 30% cheaper than in EU countries, thanks to the different taxation system.

4. Great selection of international wines and spirits is available locally

One of the most significant effects of luxury tourism development is the availability of more types of wines and spirits. The best part? We bring it straight to your boat.

A+ Yachting has been actively supplying goods to the yachts for many years now, and we have just finished our provisioning website where you can get more information about available products.

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