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Revolutionizing Crew Recruitment: The Power of Crew Pages

Job searching in the maritime industry can be tough and take up a lot of time, whether you have experience or are just starting out.

Gracija Matijevic, a former yacht chef, understood the difficulties faced by crew members looking for new jobs. To address these challenges, he embarked on a mission to change how crew recruitment is done.

The result of his vision is Crew Pages — a groundbreaking online platform that aims to revolutionize crew members’ access to job opportunities while strengthening industry relationships.

Crew Pages was founded to relieve the difficulties crew members face when searching for suitable positions on vessels. That’s why the platform brings together maritime jobs from various sources, offering a comprehensive view of available opportunities worldwide. With Crew Pages, you no longer need to navigate multiple platforms or recruiter websites. Everything you need is centralized, making the recruitment process streamlined and efficient for both crew members and recruiters.

What sets Crew Pages apart is its commitment to equal visibility. Every CV deserves to be seen, and every open vacancy deserves attention. The platform’s user-friendly interface and tailored site search engine ensure that crew members can effortlessly find their ideal jobs. Recruiters, on the other hand, benefit from enhanced job promotion and a wider pool of talent. Additionally, Crew Pages foster a sense of community among crew members by providing communication tools and collaboration features.

While Crew Pages welcome crew members from all sectors of the maritime industry, it places special emphasis on supporting newcomers. Mentorship and synergy are crucial, and senior crew members are encouraged to join the platform. This inclusive approach creates opportunities for meaningful connections and knowledge sharing among crew members at all levels of experience.

As a crew member or maritime professional, you now have the opportunity to join the Crew Pages network — a community where you can connect, learn, and apply for jobs. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the countless opportunities available to you.

Visit the website today and discover what Crew Pages can offer you!

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