Summer 2024: Events in Montenegro

Summer is a time to create cherished memories with family and friends. The season brings an array of beach festivities, concerts, sports events, and many activities for children, ensuring unforgettable experiences for all.

As we approach the sun-soaked days ahead, we are excited to share a list of must-attend events that will make your summer in Montenegro truly special. Don’t hesitate to contact our concierge team to secure the best tickets for your guests!

JUNE 2024

V Portonovi Regatta “Boka Islands”

June 7 – 9, Portonovi Marina

Regatta during the day, while nights are reserved for music, dance, and refreshments with the sounds of various bands, extraordinary food, and outdoor entertainment.

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Luštica Bay Padel Tournament

June 13 – 16, Centrale Padel Courts

Participate or watch the tournament of the world’s fastest-growing sport. The game will also be held on the 17th and 18th of August.

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Culture Pop-Ups

June / July / August / September, Promenade and Amphitheatre, Luštica Bay

Culture Pop-Ups bring folk dancers in traditional costumes, the haunting harmonies of folklore songs, charismatic majorettes, and charming traditional games from Montenegrin heritage.


13th of June

11th of July

21st of August

10th of September

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Sanlorenzo Luxury Yacht Event

June 15, Jetty 2

Sanlorenzo, a luxury Italian brand, proudly presents its newest masterpiece, the Sanlorenzo SD96. This event is by invitation only.

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Luštica Bay Aquathlon

June 15, The Chedi Beach, Promenade, Marina Beach

The distinctive Luštica Bay event in its fifth edition will gather all sports lovers in a day full of sports atmosphere and fun for all ages!

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Understanding Our Roots: Moving Forward From Trauma

June 15 – 16, Dom Vojske & Regent Hotel

This Mental Chiropractic workshop aims to explore the toxic influences of modern culture, transgenerational trauma, and adopted dysfunctional patterns, providing insights for personal growth and healing.

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35th Anniversary Exhibition

June 16, Gayo Art Gallery

Montenegro’s first private art gallery is commemorating its 35th anniversary. Join a night of half-decades of artistic excellence, with handcrafted cocktails and a DJ set.

Kindly RSVP at moc.liamg@yrellagoyag to secure your place.

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Opera Tales: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

June 18, Dom Vojske Park

Vasa Pavic Art School for Music and Ballet from Podgorica will throw a captivating performance of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Entry is free.

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Salsa Nights

All summer, The Amphitheater, Big Breakwater, Luštica Bay

Enjoy vibrant Latin beats from the Cubalcanica Band and the Havana Ladies trio. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner eager to learn, everyone is welcome!


20th of June

8th of July

7th of August,

5th of September

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Made In New York Jazz Festival

June 21, Synchro

Grammy-winning world-famous jazz musicians, Jeff Tain Watts, Nathan East, and many more are coming to Porto Montenegro for the 9th edition of the festival to send your senses directly to a New York jazz bar.

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Portonovi Summer Rise 2024

June 23, Portonovi

Fifth annual hike to the “May 1 Viewpoint” on June 23 at dawn! Enjoy the beautiful view of Herceg Novi hinterland on a race or a leisure hike at different starting times, but both offer stunning views of nature along the 4 km trail with a 340m ascent.

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Portonovi Aquafun

June 23, Central Park

Water games for kids will include water balloons, gun and pistol war, slip and slide games, relay race games with water tasks, and other games with animations.

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Hello Summer Festival

June 25, Promenade, Luštica Bay

Welcome summer in Luštica Bay with a festival of local products and rich handicrafts, with a special program for the youngest visitors.

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Sky Port Exhibition

June 27, A&A Interior

Renowned artist Andrey Vereshchagin invites you to explore his paintings alongside music and cocktails.

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Nikola Žigon Art Exhibition

June 28, Pizana Gallery

Nikola Žigon, the acclaimed painter in permanent collections of galleries worldwide, will be in Portonovi from June 28 to 30. In addition to his exhibited works in the Pizana Gallery, Žigon will paint in front of the gallery, allowing the audience to enjoy the creation of the work of art. Entrance is free of charge. Paid parking is available in Portonovi.

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SuperWine 11

June 29, Big Breakwater

SuperWine offers a stylish evening at Luštica Bay with sampling wines from some of the best European wineries.

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Portonovi Outdoor Workout Session

June 30, Portonovi

An outdoor session for all sports activity enthusiasts will challenge even the fittest athletes. The start is at 6:30 PM with a Functional Workout lasting 50 minutes, which combines kettlebells, dumbbells, and a Technogym bench to improve functional form. At 7:40 PM, you will follow up with soothing training for flexibility and relaxation of the mind, suitable for all fitness levels. The Scenic Run is at 7 PM.

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JULY 2024

Operosa Concerts

July 3 – 4, 24 & August 9, The Amphitheatre, Piazza Centrale

An international organization founded by Finnish mezzo-soprano Katherine Haataja brings breathtaking music to the concerts of Operosa Montenegro.

3rd of July – “The Fury of Hella!”

4th of July – “Cinderella”

24th of July – “A Star is Born”

9th of August – “Opera Romances”

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Concert Of Local Brass Orchestra

July 6, Vista Square

The third concert of the Local Brass Orchestra in Portonovi in this beautiful location will gather around 45 musicians from the local orchestra with over a hundred-year-long tradition. Expect a night filled with modern and traditional music while the local talents will perform their favorite songs.

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Lucky 7

July 7, Buddha-Bar Beach

Start the summer with the beats of top DJs and dance the night away!

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Montenegrin Statehood Day

July 13, The Amphitheatre, Luštica Bay

The annual celebration of one of Montenegro’s most significant holidays, honoring the 1878 independence with sampling the finest local delicacies at our, music and antiques tour.

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Made In Montenegro

July 13, Gayo Art Gallery, Porto Montenegro

Gayo Art Gallery’s prestigious exhibition offers a glimpse of the rich tapestry of Montenegro’s vibrant art scene.

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Gibonni Concert

July 15, Small Breakwater, Luštica Bay

The Croatian star, Gibonni, takes the stage beside the sea in Luštica Bay!

Photo credit: Slobodna Dalmacija

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Jeunesses Musicales Jazz World Orchestra

July 17, Small Breakwater, Luštica Bay

Trombonist and composer Luis Bonilla is bringing his award-winning jazz ensemble to the Montenegrin seafront in Luštica Bay!

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Kids Magician Nights With Aleksandar

July 18 – 19, The Amphitheatre, Piazza Centrale, Luštica Bay

A night reserved for the magic trick that will fascinate children of all ages!

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Opera Tales: A Journey For Young Hearts

July 19, Summer Garden

Presented by the Artistic Association “Visoko C” from Serbia, known for their wonderful children’s operas, this talented group of singers will perform a special show for Porto Montenegro’s youngest audience. Join us for a magical journey into the world of opera, designed to delight young hearts with music and storytelling.

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International Fashion Festival

July 19 – 20, Synchro, Porto Montenegro

The style takes center stage with the latest fashion trends. This event is by invitation only.

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Western Balkan Youth Orchestra

July 28, Small Breakwater, Luštica Bay

The region’s most talented young musicians are presenting a magnificent concert featuring strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion.

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Horizontal & Vertical Exhibition

August 1, A&A Interior

Enjoy color and space with the captivating Visual Art by Aleksandar Ostojic.

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California Dreaming: From Baroque To Rock

August 2, Dom Vojske Auditorium, Porto Montenegro

A collaboration of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra with the most talented Montenegrin young musicians.

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Rosé Days

August 3, BlueRoom, Porto Montenegro

Set against the poolside, this blends rose-colored events with the refined tastes of rose wines.

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Rubix Festival

August 8 – 10, Synchro, Porto Montenegro

A lineup of artists at the second edition of the Rubix festival offers a diverse range of performances in classical, orchestral, electronic, and experimental sounds. Isabella Rossellini and Nouvelle Vague are just two of the many performers who gather party lovers, artists, performers, creators, chefs, yogis, and joy enthusiasts!

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Jazz Evening With Harfoush

11th of August, Centrale Piazza, Luštica Bay

Egypt’s premier jazz vocalist is bringing both classics and seductive torch songs to Luštica Bay.

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Circus Animatori

August 13 – 14, Promenade, Centrale Piazza, Luštica Bay

Stilt walkers, clowns, and magicians are taking you to the theatrical world of colors, light, and artistry.

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Amplitudes Ensemble – 8 Cellos Performance

15th of August, The Amphitheatre, Luštica Bay

Enjoy the rich sound of eight cellos performing joyful melodies from ancient Georgia, the Balkans, and India against the backdrop of silent films.

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Gastro Weekend

August 16 – 18, Synchro, Porto Montenegro

The ultimate celebration of gastronomy and family-friendly fun mixed with live music!

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Ratko Odalovic Exhibition

August 17, Gayo Art Gallery, Porto Montenegro

This exhibition is a must-visit for art enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs.

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Prestige Yachts Open Day

August 28, Rockstar Yachts

Open Day is hosted by Rockstar Yachts – the official Prestige Yachts dealer in Montenegro offers live tours and sea trials, followed by refreshing cocktails. By invitation only.

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Dance Of Brush & Ink Exhibition

August 29, A&A Interior

Expect oriental paintings crafted using authentic materials like handmade rice paper, silk, ink, and mineral pigments mixed with soothing music and refreshing cocktails. Free entry.

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Luštica Bay Open Ilca Montenegro Championship 2024 – Class 5 And 6 Regattas

August 30 – 31, September 1, Marina, Amphitheatre

Family-friendly regattas start with youngsters up to age 21 showcasing their skills in single-handed dinghies and after, children race in the world’s most popular kids’ sailboat.

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Luštica Bay Sailing Cup 2024

31 August and September 1, Marina, Amphitheatre

One of the summer’s most beautiful events since cruiser boats race along the picturesque coast to Mamula Island and back.

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Uphill Race

September 7, Marina Village & The Peaks, Luštica Bay

Ending the summer with a community race – a challenging run + cycle from the waterfront to the crest of The Peaks. Feeling like you can take this 180-metre ascent? Sign up and start training!

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Shopping Day

September 20, Porto Montenegro

Enjoy an enhanced selection of high-end brands and boutiques, offering exclusive deals and discounts. Indulge in a waterside shopping spree and discover fresh new looks that will elevate your style to new heights.

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FinTech Event To Sea

October 10 – 11, Dom Vojske Auditorium

Organized by Logate for the second consecutive year, this conference is poised to deliver an enriching fusion of innovation, insights, and networking. Set to showcase groundbreaking ideas, foster collaboration, and provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions.

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Symphony Orchestra – Best Of The 80s

July 13, Marina Square

Are you ready to be transported back to the iconic 80s? Over 30 talented musicians will grace the stage in one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful squares. This project is a cooperation of the well-known and unique band “GIFT” and the symphonic pop-rock orchestra “Strings ‘n’ Roses”.

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Biljana Keković Art Exhibition

July 19, Pizana Gallery

Biljana Keković had numerous exhibitions worldwide, from the Bar Yearbook to international fairs in Madrid and Dubai. She won prestigious awards such as the UNESCO scholarship and the “Milunović, Stijović, Lubarda” award of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro. Visit her “Thoughts in Motion” exhibition which will be exhibited for 15 days in the heart of Portonovi. 

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IV Portonovi Wine Night With Natali Dizdar

July 27, Vista Square

This year the guests at the Wine Night will be entertained by the Croatian singer Natali Dizdar. All guests will have the opportunity to taste some of the best regional and world wines.

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Rock Opera Concert

August 17, Marina Square

This musical spectacle has attracted the attention of different generations and audiences for several years. This unique combination of music genres – rock, jazz, vocal soloists, and the opera orchestra presents a unique concert program.

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