Summer Events in Montenegro

JUNE 2022

Mahmut Orhan, live performance

June 18, Portonovi
Live performance at Tapasake beach bar.

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Luštica Bay Aquathlon

June 19, Luštica Bay

Building on its previous success, the signature Luštica Bay Aquathlon event will feature two spectacular races for kids and adults. Organized with the Multisport Academy, returning this summer for the 4th time, Aquathlon became popular among all family members, professional athletes, and sports enthusiasts.

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Made In New York Jazz Festival 2021 (Vol 6.)

June 17, Porto Montenegro

The 6th edition of this international music festival brings the prominent global, US and European jazz cats to the Synchro – a monumental fit for the occasion.

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Marks of Protection art experience

June 18 – July 2, Porto Montenegro

Marks Of Protection is a visual and historical discovery of Slavic tattooing as both striking symbology and as a surprisingly effective method to combat human trafficking from historic invaders. Explore an exclusive international collection celebrating this ancient Balkan tradition in the form of NFTs, fine art and photography.

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Made In New York Jazz Festival

June 24, Porto Montenegro

In collaboration with Rabbit Records, the 7th edition of the festival will mark the month of June as a jazz appreciation month in Porto Montenegro. Expect the less ordinary as always.

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JULY 2022

SuperWine 9.0

July 2, Porto Montenegro

Always a highly anticipated event, SuperWine marks the season opening with a stylish evening at the Yacht Club pool with sampling wines from some of the best European wineries.

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SARA JO, live performance

July 9, Portonovi

Live performance at Tapasake beach bar by regional star Sara Jo.

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BURAK YETER, live performance

July 10, Portonovi

Live performance at Tapasake beach bar.

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ANGELLINA, live performance

July 11, Portonovi

Live performance at Tapasake beach bar by regional star Angellina.

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Onelife Rally – final destination

July 12, Portonovi

An annual luxury automotive road trip taking place every year and traveling through amazing countries and driving through picturesque routes in front of thousands of fans and photographers.

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International Mask Festival

July 14, Portonovi

Enjoy the creativity of participants and take part in the lively atmosphere of celebrating local traditions.

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The Lightwave 2.0

July 16 to 23, Luštica Bay

Experience the ultimate light show set against the spectacular backdrop of Luštica Bay. This is an extraordinary audio-visual extravaganza packed with cool light effects and Insta-friendly activations.

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Berlin Visiting By Kotor Art

July 20, Porto Montenegro

One of the cultural highlights of this summer will be the concert titled Berlin Visiting, organized in partnership with KotorArt International Festival with leading musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic, one of the most celebrated cultural institutions in the world. Violinist Daishin Kashimoto, concert-master of the orchestra, together with principal clarinetist Andreas Otensammer, accompanied by guest pianist José Gallardo, will bring a dash of the artistic excellence, virtuosity and unique sound that are synonymous with this great orchestra.

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International Fashion Festival

July 22- 23, Porto Montenegro

After last year’s green edition at Jetty 2, we are coming back to our home venue – Synchro – with a longer catwalk and exciting accompanying programmes.

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Wine Select

July 30, Luštica Bay

A stylish event for wine lovers that brings together wineries from across the world, endowed with a growing selection of Montenegrin wineries that you’ll love.

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International Carnival

August 7, Luštica Bay

Embrace an exuberant carnival spirit with local and international carnival groups taking you on a journey full of character and excitement.

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An Evening with Acclaimed Opera Soprano Erika Miklósa

August 8, Luštica Bay

This cultural collaboration with Kotor Art brings world-renowned Erika Miklósa to the stage at Luštica Bay. Accompanied by a leading Eastern-European and Hungarian jazz band, this is a spectacular musical event not to be missed!

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Polo in the Port

August 11 – 14, Porto Montenegro

The long-awaited sequel to this exquisite sport & lifestyle event is the event of the summer season in the port. Horse parade, receptions at the most beautiful venues in the marina, two days of polo matches and a memorable closing party are on the menu!

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HUGEL, live performance

August 16, Portonovi

Live performance at Tapasake beach bar.

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Luštica Arts & Culture Festival

August 13, Luštica Bay

Embrace global arts and culture at this sophisticated summer event. From art to fashion through to theater and music with some gastronomic delights. This multicultural event, staged over several locations at Luštica, is a cultural delight not to be missed.

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NIKA TURKOVIC, live performance

August 17, Portonovi

Live performance at Tapasake beach bar by regional star Nika Turkovic.

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II Portonovi Wine Night

August 17, Portonovi

The night of celebrating wine excellence at Vista Square.

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“La Serva Padrona” Opera by Paisiell

August 23, Luštica Bay

Operosa festival brings us a dazzling summer night celebration featuring staged production of the opera classic and creating the perfect atmosphere to the warm summer night!

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Luštica Bay Uphill Race

September 18, Luštica Bay

Jump on a bike or run a challenging 2 km long race packed with grueling altitudes and ascents. Starting from Marina Village and triumphantly finishing at the Driving Range, the competitor with the best combined time in cycling and running will become the King or Queen of the Hill.

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MARK NIGHT, live performance

September 19, Portonovi

Live performance at Tapasake beach bar.

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Strip Festival Night

September 20, Portonovi

Celebrating the art of strip art at Marina Square.

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ACrew Awards

October 14 – 16, Porto Montenegro

The theme for the 5th edition of the ACrew Awards will be A Knight to Remember, with the official ceremony held in the Auditorium and the after-party at Latitude42. This theme will emphasise the excellence and glamour of the event through the ‘royal’ dress code.

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