Things to do while yachting in Vis

You will set the course to this fabulous place as soon as you see the stunning scenery and learn about the memorable experiences it offers. If you don’t feel like going to Bisevo and waiting to enter the Blue Cave, there are plenty of other things to do in Vis Island.

Our recommendations:

A paradise for history lovers

The island of Vis is an island of beauty and rich history. It was under Venetian, Austro-Hungarian, English and French rule. The most famous generals, commanders and commandos marched across it, allied planes landed on it, naval battles were fought in Vis. Due to its geostrategic importance, Vis was a large military base in Yugoslavia from 1944 to 1992, and in the anxious and uncertain times of the Cold War, the whole island was turned into a real fortress, with a number of interconnected underground nuclear shelters, ship ditches, bunkers and tunnels. The most famous are: the ship ditch for warships Lobster, the defense tower built by British King George III in the late 18th century, the missile base Stupišće, Mount Hum, the highest point of Vis, Tito’s Cave…

Taste unique wines

Winemaking has a long history in Vis Island, dating back to the Greeks, and it’s very much alive today. Visit a 100 years old family winery, located in former WWII British base. This family has been making wines for six generations.

Island of cycling

If you are more into adrenaline activities, and want to have a more authentic Dalmatian experience, then Vis is your island. Vis is super cycle friendly. Go on a cycling tour and explore the hills of Vis, endless vineyards, macadam roads and picturesque Mediterranean houses. You can opt for an e-bike or a regular one.

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Fabolus panorama view

The best panoramic views are from the Mount Hum, the highest point of Vis (587 m), and we recommend getting there is by car. From this point, you can admire the view of the town of Komiža, the island of Biševo and even further, if it is a clear day, the volcanic reef of Jabuka. Hum is the place you go to catch sunsets, ideally with a glass of local wine.

Green Cave by kayak

The Green Cave is an absolute must when in Vis. It is located on the small and uninhabited Ravnik island, just a short distance from Vis. Take a kayak and explore the beauty of the nature around and inside the cave. The green reflection on the walls happens as the sun hits the rocks on the cave bottom, which are covered with green algae. That is how the Green Cave got its name.

Blue cave VIP style

The tiny islet of Bisevo is only five nautical miles southwest of Komiza on Vis Island. Of about ten caves scattered around Bisevo coast, the Blue Cave is the most outstanding one. The cave has only been accessible to the non-diving public since 1884, when an entrance large enough for a boat was formed by blasting a hole in the rock. Between 11am and 1pm on a sunny calm day, the strongest rays of the sun passing through an underwater opening illuminate the cave with a bright blue light, while objects beneath the surface shimmer in silver and pink.

It can only be visited by tourist boats, so the best option is the VIP tour, no waiting and having the cave only for you! The boat will be waiting for you in a Bisevo, and after a few minutes you will reach this fabulous cave hiding in the island’s belly. You get to spend 20 minutes in the cave.

Dive into the Vis underwater paradise

One of the biggest treasures of Vis remains hidden from the plain sight – its rich and colorful underwater life! Divers can explore archaeological sites, caves and caverns and wrecks, dive sites suitable for beginners, as well as experienced divers.

One of the most popular is the historic army ship “Vis”, turned dive site is the first privately-owned intentionally scuttled shipwreck in the world. Preserved and in sailing condition, it was scuttled in 2016. Situated on the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula, it marked a new era of scuba diving in this part of the Adriatic. The wreck rests 250 meters off the coast in an excellent upright condition and lies in depths reachable to all levels of divers, 18 to 32 meters, mast to stern. Divers love to explore the engine room and experience the ships great history, as well as the marine life around it. Whether it is your 1st or 100th time, diving at the shipwreck “Vis” is a prime experience.

Visit the Stiniva beach rated "Best in Europe"

Hedonists, naturists, sunbathers, and sea-lovers will enjoy Stiniva Beach to the fullest. It has been voted the most beautiful European beach, leaving behind the most famous Spanish, Portuguese and Greek beaches. It is a secluded turquoise cove with white pebbly shores and surrounding verdant cliffs.

Authentic experience on the volcanic island of Brusnik

This unique 150-year-old islet, located 13 nautical miles from Komiza, was declared a geological monument of nature. If you decide to visit it, you will be impressed with the geological structure, plants, and wildlife there. It is uninhabited and the chances are you will be alone on the island. There are remains of the fishermen’s housings, built with large volcanic pebbles, and two bays with small beaches, where you can take a break and enjoy the peace of this fabulous place. The combination of sunshine, black rocks and turquoise sea is truly timeless.
Brusnik is made of volcanic rock rich in magnetite. Due to this phenomenon, a compass needle goes haywire when near the island. Boaters should access the island very carefully due to the numerous underwater rocks. The island’s highest point is 23 m above sea level, while the island itself is 200 m long and 150 m wide.

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Top fine dining places on Vis island: Roki’s in Vis town and Jastozera in Komiza village

Roki’s is set amid fields 8 km south of Vis Town, in an open courtyard next to Vis cricket ground (formerly the World War II airstrip). The family-owned and operated tavern & winery is the best place to experience the authentic Croatian dish called peka (slow cooking under the bell or peka over coals), and the countryside tavern atmosphere makes it that much more appealing.

Family-owned restaurant Jastozera, located in the fishermen’s village of Komiza, will amaze you with the old lobster farm ambiance and food! They offer living lobsters and prepare them according to your taste, using organic ingredients. Jastozera also has the finest selection of wild-caught fish, as well as the finest quality meat.

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The best anchoring spots are near Ravnik island. It is only few miles’ distance from the fabulous Stinvia beach and Green Cave.

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