Military Tour

Price upon request
3.5 – 4 hours

Military tunnels are more than 7 kilometers long, and as such, they are recommended for people with intermediate fitness level

The military history of Vis is something you do not want to miss, as the history of this island holds many secrets. Take the tour through the fortresses, military subway, and labyrinths of tunnels, and feel the spirit of the past times.
An interesting fact is that Vis’ military tunnels were a significant military base from the Cold War era for the Yugoslav army. For history enthusiasts, these places will be a treat.
The local guide will share the history of this underground world, its legends, and the secrets behind it.
Lunch at the Vis famous Roki’s or Golub restaurant is an excellent option.

The Client who has booked a tour can cancel his booking 7 days before the arrival date. After that for tour cancellation the service provider will charge 50% of the booking cost for cancelations up to 3 days, and a 100% for cancellations on the day of the tour.


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