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Yacht Supply in Croatia and Montenegro

Every good chef and chief stew know that stock planning is a key to a smooth journey on destination with many islands. Yet, we all know that reality is that onboard storages and fridges are very limited and that you are forced to shop along the way.

Contact us to help you with your planning for the trip to give you advice on the best delivery locations and even an insight on the availability of products at local markets.

Although yacht supply in Croatia and Montenegro often comes under the scrutiny of being too complicated or even impossible, in reality, it is far better than comments that you can read on social media chat groups.
Ok, to be fair, it is not South of France or Barcelona, nor Miami… But it is relatively good, even for yachting standards. And ever since Croatia joined the EU, it is even easier to get any of the requested items from the EU delivered to Croatia by your designated delivery van or by fast courier services.

But what are the most important things to know when planning to cruise Adriatic:

  1. All yachts supplies and yacht spare parts can be ordered and delivered tax-free to your yacht in Montenegro, as goods in transit.
  2. Provisioning at Montenegro has significantly improved in the past two years, both quality-wise and variety-wise. You can read more on what to expect HERE
    Meats and fish are the highest quality and can be vacuum-packed based on your specifications
  3. It is imperative to plan your stocks well, as supplying at islands is quite challenging due to the ferry schedule, and therefore it is subject to high delivery fees.
  4. We suggest to all our clients to plan re-stocking in following ports: Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Sibenik, Zadar, Mali Losinj, Rijeka, Opatija, Pula, and Rovinj (considering that these are the most common ports in the itineraries)

Important tip for the crew:

If you are based in Montenegro, do not send your belonging as yacht supplies and addressed to a yacht.

Everything bellow 75 Euro value can be delivered to your name at the Marina office.

Everything over 75 Euro value (delivery costs included in price) is subject to Customs fees and Tax. You will likely pay additional forwarding agent fees for handling these goods, so please be careful with that.

If you are sending goods from the EU, we highly recommend sending all your personal belongings to Dubrovnik and pick up when you are there with the yacht.

If you are in doubt, always feel free to CONTACT US for the advice.

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