Our Stories

By sharing our stories, we aim to familiarise the wider yachting community with the Adriatic cruise experience.

We offer insights into some of the most attractive places to visit, along with local hospitality industry news. This assists captains and brokers in advertising the Adriatic yachting experience in the most effective manner, and ensures they know what to expect on their travels.

Our stories combine our unmatched local knowledge with an up to date understanding of local laws, rules and regulations- providing you with the ultimate guide to cruising in Croatia and Montenegro.

Croatian Charter Rules | A+ Yachting

Croatian Charter Rules Simplified

Charter business can be performed by companies with commercially registered yachts whether they’re from the EU or not. However, when embarking in Croatia or transiting from

Krka Waterfalls | A+ Yachting

The Krka Waterfalls in VIP Style

If you are visiting Croatia, seeing the spectacular Krka waterfalls near the picturesque town of Skradin is a must! Set in pristine nature featuring seven

Diving in Croatia| A+ Yachting

Diving in Croatia

Croatian coast is so fascinating it’s always tricky for us to say if we prefer seeing it from the sky, island hopping or cruising along

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